September 25, 2013

New video has been released regarding an incident that occurred in June, when an intoxicated fire truck driver identified as 43-year-old Michael Quinn, clipped a motorcycle rider while driving through a San Francisco intersection.

The video shows 5th street running left-to-right, with the motorcycle rider approaching on Howard. According to fire department rules, the driver must have control of the intersection before continuing through it. In this event, that was not the case. The collision with the firetruck sent the rider spinning across the intersection and into a fire hydrant.

The rider, identified as 50-year-old Jack Frazier of Daly City, has since hired an attorney to pursue a case against the department. Regarding Frazier’s injuries, his attorney says “He remains in a wheelchair. He stills faces at least one more surgery, and it’s unlikely that he will ever fully recover from his injuries. Mr. Frazier is cooperating with the District Attorney’s Office.”

ABC7 News reports that the injuries sustained during the incident included “…several broken ribs, a punctured lung, broken leg, ankle, foot, and neck and back injuries. He was in the hospital for a month and continues rehabilitation to this day.”

To make matters worse for the SFFD, the other firefighters on-board the truck awere caught on the same camera ushering the driver into a nearby bar where they forced him to chug huge amounts of water to aide in removing the alcohol from his system. Charges abound in this incident, as not only will Quinn face repercussions (beyond that of his almost inevitable removal from the SFFD) but also the crew who attempted to cover-up his intoxication. Hours later when Quinn’s BAC was tested, he blew a .13, significantly over the .08 legal limit, and well beyond the department’s zero tolerance policy.

To anyone who trusts our Fire Department to conduct their jobs responsibly, this type of accident is both a shock and an outrage. We can only hope and assume that this was an isolated case. The San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish the best to Mr. Frazier in his case.