While responding to a call, an on-duty San Francisco firefighter was arrested for hitting a motorcyclist at an intersection over the weekend. Following the collision, Micheael Quinn, a 23 year veteran to the SFFD appeared to flee the scene.

Hours later, he returned and was given a breathalyser which read twice the legal limit.

The collision occurred with lights and sirens ablaze, so the speculation would be that the fire engine took the corner too closely.

Those who know Mr. Quinn express only shock at the news, due to not only his veterancy on the force but also his decorations from saving lives on multiple occasions.

Sympathies abound however from reports that Mr. Quinn has had a very difficult year following the loss of both his mother and sister only months apart due to illness.

The injured biker was taken to the hospital for non life-threatening injuries.

As bikers we tend to assume that authorities have heightened control over their vehicle and total regard for our safety in mind. Occasionally however we're reminded that all authorities are merely humans capable of the same mistakes we ourselves are capable of. The San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers here at RiderzLaw understand our fallibility as humans regardless of occupation, and hope that we all stay alert not just from civilian motorists but also from the state-funded cagers around us. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to our injured brother on two wheels.