October 23, 2013

San Francisco Bay Bridge Traffic Crash

Traffic on the Bay Bridge backed up for miles

Traffic on the Bay Bridge ground to a halt following an accident that blocked two lanes of San Francisco bound traffic Tuesday morning, according the California Highway Patrol.

The incident was reported on the I-80 at the incline of the Bay Bridge just before 7:00 am, a time when rush hour traffic is beginning to peak.

The incident prompted CHP to issue a SigAlert by 6:54 am.

Neither the extent of the injuries, nor the number of vehicles involved has been released.

Heavy traffic on the bridge was exacerbated by a two-hour delay on the BART system, the railway that connects San Francisco with the rest of the Bay Area, including Oakland and Berkeley. The delays prompted many commuters who would normally take public transportation, to instead opt for driving their car to work in San Francisco.

Officials worked quickly to clear the scene by 7:30 am, but traffic remained at a halt. It wasn't until around 10:20 am that traffic began moving freely.

On a morning commute, it's easy to get ourselves into trouble as riders. This is especially true on a commute as jam-packed with traffic as is to be expected crossing the Bay Bridge during rush hour (let alone when the BART system is delayed). Even if you yourself aren't in a rush or are still waking up to the day, there's a good chance those around you will be. The San Francisco and Bay Area motorcycle accident lawyers here at RiderzLaw offer our best wishes to the rider for a speedy recovery, whatever the extent of his injuries. We also urge all riders to take extra care while riding during times of high congestion.