July 4, 2015

An accident involving a motorcyclist and two pedestrians has resulted in life-threatening injuries for one victim.

The incident occurred at the intersection of Market Street and Third Street in San Francisco.

Just after 9:00 pm on Wednesday July 1, the rider was seen “speeding” down Market. As he approached the pedestrians, the rider was unable to avoid collision.

Grace Gatpadan of the San Francisco Police Department reported that the rider lost control of his motorcycle, hitting one pedestrian already in the crosswalk, and another who was still on the curbside.

All three were rushed to San Francisco General Hospital with injuries. One of the pedestrians sustained what are being referred to as life-threatening injuries, while the other had less severe lacerations to the head.

The identity of the rider was undisclosed, and his condition remains unknown. The incident is under investigation for fault.

Anyone who is familiar with San Francisco probably knows that motorist and pedestrian traffic on Market St can be very dense, with patches of low-friction railway car tracks hindering stability. Sometimes navigating the convoluted streets is difficult, especially at night when visibility drops. Without prematurely assigning blame, one can say that extra caution is urged in areas such as this.

The San Francisco motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish a speedy recovery both to the rider and pedestrians involved in this incident. We urge all our readers to stay safe and ride with caution out on the streets.