March 27, 2014

A U.S. Marine who just returned home after active duty in Afghanistan was killed on Tuesday by a man suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.

The victim was 23-year-old U.S. Marine lance corporal Andrew Silva of Union City, who arrived home just last month.

The incident first began to unfold when the suspect, 23-year-old Alexander Yohn of Emeryville, visited a local Taco Bell at around 1 am Tuesday morning. Whilst in the drive-thru Yohn was apparently belligerent. Allegedly while at the window, Yohn first attempted to pay with his health care card, and ultimately left his wallet behind.

The employee called the police to prevent Yohn from endangering the lives of others on the road. A local officer attempted to pull Yohn over on Fremont Boulevard, but he failed to yield. Instead, Yohn is alledged to have driven his Mini Cooper first into Silva who happened to be nearby and then into a utility pole, at which point his vehicle caught fire.

Afterwards, Yohn is said to have run from police on-foot and into a nearby field. Police officers chased him down and took him into custody.

He was booked into Santa Rita Jail on Tuesday night on charges of suspected gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated in addition to hit-and-run causing injury or death. His bail has been set at $150,000.