December 12, 2013

The 38-year-old co-host of the HGTV home improvement show "Curb Appeal" has been killed in a motorcycle crash.

The incident occurred while Beckwith was riding in San Francisco. Some reports allege that a car side-swiped him, causing his crash and leading to the fatal injuries. Other reports are more tentative, stating that there had been a collision but no direct causation had yet been established. The driver of the car was both uninjured and cooperating with police.

Beckwith was the carpenter on Curb Appeal, and had a long history in construction, which became his passion from the time he was a young boy growing up on his father's farm in Maine. He was an avid motorcycle enthusiast along with many other pastimes which included mountain climbing, dancing and boxing.

Fatal motorcycle crashes are always hard news to read about. It isn't whether the victim was a Hollywood star or your average Joe, it's a tragedy all the same and one that drives to the core of every motorcyclist. Almost every rider knows the feeling of passing a crash site and seeing a downed bike, and some of us have the unfortunate memory of seeing just a bit more than we wanted to. Without details of the incident we can't offer much more advice than a universal plea, both to riders and to drivers, to always be aware on the road. Accidents happen when people stop paying attention, and often the person who suffers isn't the one who made the mistake.

The San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers here at RiderzLaw offer our deepest condolences to Beckwith's girlfriend Yulia Korneeva, to his family and friends, and to all the rest of those who have been affected by this. We also beg our readers to never let your attention slip from your surroundings while on the roadways, because the consequences can be deadly.