November 13, 2013

OAKLAND — Two separate motorists were arrested in connection to the death of a motorcycle rider caused by a multi-vehicle incident in East Oakland this past Sunday.

The rider, Jose Alfredo Curiel of San Lorenzo, was riding his Harley Davidson at the time of the accident.

The drivers have both been charged with suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

The arrested drivers included Antonio Flores who was driving a Dodge Magnum and, following the crash, fled the scene. The second driver was Angel Solorzano who was driving a Ford Ranger which, following the collision erupted into flames.

Curiel was pronounced dead on-scene, and no other drivers were reported to have sustained injuries.

A tragedy such as this always arouses the worst feelings among riders. When such a preventable incident takes the life of one of our own, it's difficult not to feel anger towards those who had the opportunity to do so and instead drove intoxicated on the highway, putting everyone around them at risk. The truth is that as riders we can employ a number of preventative measures to avoid accidents with other vehicles, such as maintaining distance and awareness to those around us, however situations may arise when no amount of preparation can prevent the misconduct of others, as it sounds to have been the case in this incident.

Moreover, everyone has an obligation in the event of an accident to remain on-scene to help others and deal with the situation at hand, failing to do so will always lead to harsher penalties in the eyes of the law. The San Francisco Bay Area motorcycle accident lawyers here at RiderzLaw offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends affected by the loss of the downed rider, and urge our readers to stay safe and aware on our motorways.