November 5, 2014

An officer with the California Highway Patrol was seriously injured when his motorcycle collided with a civilian vehicle.

The incident occurred in north Oakland around 10:10 am near the intersection of West MacArthur Blvd and Martin Luther King, Jr Way.

While the officer was heading west on MacArthur Blvd, a Nissan Maxima was heading east at the same time. The Maxima then made a left-hand turn at a green light onto Martin Luther King, Jr Way.

It was at this point that the collision occurred. Upon impact with the Maxima, the police officer was ejected from his motorcycle and onto the pavement.

A nearby business owner and eyewitness says that the officer stoop up, but immediately walked to the curb in what appeared to be a daze.

The officer was identified as a 17-year-veteran of the department. He sustained what are being described as serious but not life-threatening injuries.

The driver of the Maxima is being desdescribed as a 45-year-old Richmond resident who was taken to the hospital for minor injuries.

Time and again we see accidents such as this occurring. All riders experience something like this situation at one time or another; a vehicle in oncoming traffic not seeing or ignoring us coming, and pulling directly into our path of travel. Consider that the officer in this scenario had lights and sirens blaring, on a large CHP cruiser, and the driver of the Maxima still missed him. Now imagine yourself, with your typical riding gear and on your bike of choice.

It’s no wonder that these types of accidents are one of the most common causes of death and injury to riders. Our advice? When riding, do it as if you’re invisible. That’s about the only reliable way to not be surprised by the lack of awareness of other drivers. As a veteran of the force it’s likely the police officer was taught by experience to do just that, yet was still the victim of another driver.

The Bay Area motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish the police officer a speedy recovery, and we urge our readers to please ride safely out on the roadways.