October 21, 2014

A Campbell resident was killed when his motorcycle rear-ended a car during heavy traffic in the Bay Area.

The incident occurred shortly after 11:00 am Thursday morning on the northbound Highway 85. Reports say that 62-year-old Gene Baughman was riding at an unknown speed on his 2012 Honda.

As traffic began to stop, Baughman had difficulty slowing his motorcycle in time.

The Honda motorcycle collided with a 2005 Toyota minivan driven by 65-year-old Cupertino resident Robert Ziegler, Jr just south of Highway 82.

Officials say that the severe injuries Baughman suffered in the crash led to his death at Stanford Hospital, after being rushed there by emergency workers.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing, with the California Highway Patrol already stating that neither drugs nor alcohol were involved in the incident.

Any witnesses to the crash are being asked to contact CHP Officer Marc Thomas at (650)369-6261.

Possibly the most troubling factor in tragedies such as these is the unfortunate alignment of events which led to the outcome, and the steps which could have been taken to prevent it.

Undoubtedly, traffic on the congested highways of California is all too often unpredictable, with drivers leaving very little space for the car ahead of them and relying on heavy braking to avoid collision. For riders, often conditions are not right for quick stops on their motorcycles, and sometimes the bikes themselves are not even capable of stopping in as short a distance as 4-wheeled vehicles.

The San Francisco Bay Area motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw offer our most sincere, heart-felt condolences to the affected family and friends of this tragedy. We beg you readers, to please stay safe out on the roadways.