December 11, 2014

Authorities say that a motorcycle-riding California Highway Patrol officer was seriously injured Thursday night when a car struck him after running a red light.

The incident occurred while the officer was exiting from the northbound HWY-101 in Sunnyvale. The patrolman, who was riding alongside another officer at the time, was proceeding through the intersection on a “steady green light” when a Honda traveling northbound on Lawrence Expressway failed to stop at the intersection.

Upon impact, the officer was ejected from his motorcycle. Emergency responders rushed the officer to the hospital with injuries that are being described as major but non-life-threatening.

Officials with the CHP have said that the officer is expected to survive the collision, and that the driver who ran the red-light will be cited for the infraction (but nothing more).

The victim of the crash is described as a veteran of the force whom works out of the West Sacramento California Highway Patrol office. They say he was working part of a 49'ers detail, but did not elaborate on his role.

Following the crash, the 31-year-old Honda driver stopped on-scene. He is said to have suffered only minor injuries, and is not believed to have been under the influence at the time.

Incidents like these remind us of the everyday dangers which threaten the safety of motorcycle riders. Time and time again we recommend to riders that they ride as if they're invisible to other drivers, but this crash is evidence that riders might even need to assume the rules of the road are invisible to them.

The unfortunate reality is that even the most experienced and diligently safe riders can be caught by the unawareness of drivers on the road.

The Bay Area motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish a speedy recovery to the downed rider. We beg you readers to please, be safe and look out for yourselves on the roadways.