February 21, 2014

A San Diego resident pulled in front of an oncoming motorcycle sending both rider and passenger to the hospital.

The accident happened Monday around 1 pm in Palm Springs. 27-year-old Kelli Lyn Mihos was driving her 2002 Mini Cooper along Ramon Road. She proceeded to turn left onto Calle Abronia in front of an oncoming motorcycle.

Both the 26-year-old male rider and 21-year-old female passenger were ejected from the bike. They each suffered major but non-life-threatening injuries. The Palm Springs Police report that their lives are not in danger.

Additional to the motorcyclists' injuries, the passenger in Mihos' car was moderately injured. Mihos suffered the most minor injuries of all, but despite this she along with her passenger and the riders were all taken to Desert Regional Medical Center.

Following Mihos was arrested for suspicion of DUI and booked into the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility in Banning.

Too often, when drivers get behind the wheel while drunk, it's riders who suffer the consequences. Fortunately the riders weren't killed in this accident but very easily they could have been. Even sober drivers often have a hard time seeing oncoming motorcycles, a trend that is exacerbated by the influence of alcohol. The San Diego motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish speedy recoveries to the downed riders and passenger of the car. Please stay safe and aware out on the roads readers.