San Diego road rage motorcyclist murder

June 2, 2015

Riders, family, friends and Navy personnel have all been mourning the death of Chief Petty Officer Zach Buob, who was killed last week in an accident alleged to have been caused by a San Diego woman.

25-year-old Darla Jackson of Imperial Beach is facing murder charges after what witnesses say was a fit of road rage which led her to rear-ending and running over the 39-year-old Navy man.

The two were traveling down the I-5 near SR-54 in National City when the incident took place. Witness accounts describe Buob riding next to Jackson shaking his head and making motions that he was displeased by her behavior on the road. Witnesses say Jackson then attempted to sideswipe Buob, at which point he kicked her Nissan Altima and sped up in front of her car.

At that point Jackson began following Buob, tailgating him. What happened next, investigators say, is Jackson rear-ended Buob’s Ducati, who then lost control and went down. Jackson proceeded to run him over, and through the ordeal Buob sustained injuries which he died from after being transported to a nearby hospital.

There is a video posted online showing the events just prior to Jackson rear-ending the motorcycle.

Jackson is said to have a long history of anger management issues, and it’s alleged that at one point was deemed unfit for the roads and had her license revoked.

Jackson’s mother is calling it an accident, saying her daughter was only trying to record the license plate information of the motorcyclist. The California Highway Patrol are calling it murder, and have put her behind bars without bail.

If nothing else this reminds all riders that when we’re out on the roads, right and wrong are often irrelevant. When faced with tons of steel piloted by someone with malicious intent (or poorly by someone with good intents), the victims are seldom the perpetrator.

Jackson’s mother was quick to point out that Buob was weaving through traffic, ironically something most riders will do as to avoid being rear-ended. As riders we need to reflect upon and internalize the feelings of other drivers, even if they’re irrational, because they can cause them to carry out dangerous behavior.

The San Diego motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw offer our most sincere condolences to all those affected by this tragic loss. We beg our readers to please, stay safe out on the roadways.

Image courtesy of The Daily Mail