January 23, 2014

A man was killed last weekend in an accident that has prompted many to question the safety of El Cajon streets.

According to officials 32-year-old Christopher Reyes was headed westbound on Washington Street at the time of the incident. At the intersection of Van Houten Avenue around 6:00 am Sunday, a Chrysler PT Cruiser turned left directly into the path of Reyes. Collision was inevitable.

Reyes struck the passenger side of the car. He was ejected onto the street, and died of his injuries on-scene. The driver of the Chrysler was uninjured.

Many family, friends and members of the community have reached out to offer their thoughts on the incident. Some believe that the city should step in to improve the safety of Washington Street due to frequent accidents. An SDSU student pointed out that the streets of El Cajon at large are poorly lit and an extreme safety hazard.

El Cajon Harley Davidson held a charity event for Reyes on January 16.

It's clear from the heavy outcry that Christopher Reyes is a man that will be missed dearly. Over half of all accidents occur with a driver turning left in front of a motorcycle. Even more unfortunate is that these are some of the most catastrophic scenarios as well. As riders we must remain diligently aware of the intentions of drivers ahead of us, but sometimes the situations are unavoidable. The San Diego motorcycle lawyers offer our deepest condolences the affected friends and family of Mr. Reyes, and beg our readers to please be careful out on the streets.