San Diego Rider Injured in Santee Motorcycle Crash

Courtesy of San Diego 6 News

December 20, 2013

A San Diego rider is in the hospital following a crash with a car in Santee just before noon on Tuesday.

The incident occurred when the driver of a white compact car decided to make a left turn from a parking lot right in front of an oncoming rider on Mission Gorge Road. The driver says that she did not see the motorcycle coming.

Fortunately for the visually-destitute driver she was uninjured. The rider however was not so lucky, being rushed to Sharp Hospital with severe injuries.

According to police, neither drugs nor alcohol are believed to have played any role in the accident.

If you have read our page about motorcycle accident statistics, you'll know that about one quarter of all fatal motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers making a left turn in front of a rider. The truth is that motorcycles have a much smaller profile than other vehicles on the road, so drivers who are either inattentive or overwhelmed with other tasks at a given moment are going to be highly at-risk of not seeing you coming. As riders the burden of avoidance is on us, not in the eyes of the law but instead in regards to our own health and safety. Our best line of defense is to always try and be aware of the intentions of other drivers on the road as you approach them. You can't know what a driver is thinking, so assume that anyone waiting to turn doesn't see you, and prepare yourself for that becoming a reality before you're in a position that you can't get out of. The San Diego motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish a speedy recovery to the downed rider and beg our readers to please be careful out on the roads.