At around 6:40 pm Saturday evening, a 49-year-old motorcyclist was broadsided by an SUV after the biker ran a stop sign in the Rolando, San Diego county area.

According to Officer David Stafford, the incident occurred while the biker was riding south on 69th street. After failing to stop completely at the Amherst st intersection, the collision occurred.

As a result of the injuries sustained in the accident, the rider would pass away on the scene.

There is a stigma amongst bikers against SUV drivers, and to a greater extent inattentive drivers in general. However sometimes we don't acknowledge our own behavior as riders as being problematic and causing issues with others on the road. This case goes to show that it really only takes one blown stop sign to end it all. As motorcycle accident lawyers we hate to see cases like this, where a slight mishap, such as failling to make a full stop at a stop sign, can lead to loss of life. Please be safe out there riders, and remember that regardless of the driving habits of others on the road, motorcycle safety begins with our own awareness of them being out there.