An off-duty San Diego police officer was hospitalized Monday with a partially severed leg and broken arm after he collided with a teenage student driver while riding his motorcycle in Alpine. He was identified as detective James "Chappie" Hunter, a 19-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department, currently assigned to the department's sex crimes unit. The crash happened Sunday around 7 p.m. on Alpine Boulevard in Alpine.

The CHP says a 17-year-old girl, driving with a permit, made an abrupt turn in front of the officer riding on a motorcycle, resulting in the crash.

Part of the off-duty officer's leg was severed and he also suffered a broken arm. But he was conscious and alert as he was airlifted to Sharp Hospital.

A witness described the horrific scene:

"We saw the guy laying on the ground. I thought he was dead, but he wasn't. I mean but his leg was completely in a wrong, a different spot than he was. It didn't look very good," the witness said.

All too often, people in cars fail to see oncoming motorcyclists and make left-hand turns right in front of them, causing serious injury or even death. As motorcycle accident attorneys in San Diego, and as fellow riders ourselves, we see unfortunate accidents like this all the time. Our hearts go out to this fallen rider and his family, and we extend our best wishes for his speedy recovery.