According to a police sergeant on Sunday, a rider was found on the ground next to his bike near the Arrowood Gold Course in Oceanside.

Oceanside police Sgt. Gabe Jimenez said he was found after the crash around 1:25 pm Saturday near the 1000 block of Village Drive.

The downed rider was assisted by bystanders and fire personnel, but succumbed to his injuries on scene.

Although the investigation is ongoing, Jimenez says that it appears the rider veered off the road, striking a fence. Investigators were working to determine if speed was a factor in the accident.

Sgt. Jimenez asks that anyone with information regarding the accident to call an accident investigator at (760) 435-4624.

Most of us know what it's like to be surprised by the behavior of our motorcycle while riding. No matter how familiar we are with a stretch of road and our bike, it happens that occasionally a single differing variable will cause an unexpected change in what we are asking of the motorcycle. It sounds as if this is a situation where the rider found himself in exactly this scenario, the victim of circumstance while out for a cruise.The San Diego motorcycle accident lawyers here at RiderzLaw offer our deepest condolences to those affected by this incident, and we ask all our readers to stay safe and attentive on the roadways.