A 43 year-old Imperial Beach rider was killed in a single vehicle accident on Friday.

It appears that at approximately 6:15 am while exiting the I-5 at E Street, the rider took the turn faster than his 2008 CBR1000 could handle. The rider, identified as Darnell Adams, was thrown from his bike following collision, and would not survive his injuries.

According to the San Diego Coroner's Examiner, Darnell was a widowed man living with his family.

Most of us can empathize with what occurred here. Early in the morning, maybe headed to work, we're not exactly on our 'A' game. Usually we catch ourselves but sometimes our environment has a way of catching up with us and in this case the result was a loss of life. The San Diego Accident Lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish the best for the family of Darnell during this time, and remind our readers to always ride beneath the limitations of their equipment.