Collision with car ejects motorcycle passenger

The crashed occurred at the 3500 block of Midway Dr

December 20, 2013

An accident involving a motorcycle and a passenger car caused the female passenger on the bike to be thrown off.

San Diego Police say that the crash happened just before 2:00 pm on Midway Drive between Sports Arena Blvd and Rosecrans St. After being ejected from the bike the female passenger was rushed to the hospital with head injuries.

The crash caused a SigAlert to be issued during the investigation and subsequent clean-up. The SigAlert was lifted approximately an hour later at 3:10 pm.

Although the details of this accident are not exactly clear, statistics would indicate that most likely this was an incident of a car pulling in front of the rider causing the collision. During inter-city riding these situations are highly unpredictable given the frequency with which we as riders are around vehicles latently awaiting a clearing to pull into the road. It's times like these that drivers often over-look motorcycles and can dart in front of our paths.

The best defense is being prepared for such an obstacle, and as a preventative measure to make them more aware of us. This can be through noise (louder pipes) or visually (brighter headlight, high-vis clothing). The San Diego motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish the passenger on this bike a speedy recovery and the best for the rider during this difficult time. We ask you, our readers, to please ride cautiously on the roadways and to remain aware of others around you at all times, even if you have the right of way.