A Redlands man lost his life due to injuries sustained in a crash Sunday morning on State Route 38.

While riding his 2007 BMW at a high speed on highway 38, Alan Escher, 55, lost control and struck the mountainside, according to the coroner.

Escher was unresponsive when found by a passerby around 6:28 am on June 21. He was pronounced dead at the scene, and there have been no known witnesses to the single-vehicle crash.

The incident is being investigated by the California Highway Patrol.

No one expects a Sunday morning ride to turn deadly, so when it happens those around the victim find themselves in a state of shock. The San Bernadino motorcycle accident lawyers at Riderzlaw offer our condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Escher during these difficult times, and ask our readers to always remain aware of their own safety when riding, because it's all too often the times when riders put their guard down that they find themselves in trouble.