Motorcycle Police Officer Accident in El Cajon

December 12, 2013

A motorcycle police officer on patrol in El Cajon smashed into the side of a Dodge coupe in what has become a game of finger-pointing for those involved.

The incident occurred just after 11:00 am on East Main Street near Safari Drive.

Officer Matt Conlon of the El Cajon Police Department says that the motorcycle officer was simply conducting normal traffic enforcement in the area when a vehicle pulled out in front of him.

John Julian was the driver of the Dodge Stealth and was not injured. Julian says that he was forced to watch as the police officer rode towards him at full speed and made no attempt to stop before slamming into the side of the driver-side door. It's unclear if Julian was stuck in traffic, or simply failed to continue on through the intersection. He did however say in an interview that once he realized that a collision was imminent, he moved himself towards the center of the vehicle as to avoid injury when the officer struck his car.

Following the accident the man assisted the police officer, who appeared to have suffered a broken nose but otherwise only sustained minor injuries. On the day of the incident Officer Conlon says that this is an issue of "right-of-way" and that fault had not yet been assigned.

The officer in this story is lucky to only have sustained somewhat minor injuries, as these types of accidents all too often end much worse. It's easy to allege that Julian was probably at-fault, given that he stuck his car in the middle of an active intersection, but truth be told that would be overly-simplistic. Regardless of who is to blame in this matter, it reminds us as riders that we should always keep an eye out for vehicles in our path, whether or not we have right-of-way. Everyone has been surprised at one time or another by the actions of other drivers. Usually the result is frustration but it only takes once for everything to change. The San Bernardino motorcycle accident lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish a speedy recovery to the police officer and remind all our readers to please be careful on the roads and pay close attention to those that we share the streets with.