A solo motorcycle crash on Sunday is being investigated by police in Riverside.

The rider, Irving Rizzo-Thomas, 23, hit a curb while heading west on Riverside Drive near Concord Avenue around 9:30 am. According to police reports Irving was riding at a high rate of speed and the collision sent him airborne.

After being rushed to Chino Valley Medical Center, Rizzo-Thomas was pronounced dead at 10:01 am.

During the investigation, authorities closed Riverside Dr between the Avenues of Ramona and Norton until 3 pm.

If you have any information regarding this accident, please call the police at 909-628-1234

Solo motorcycle accidents are the most preventable form of crash afflicting riders. All too often the Riverside motorcycle accident lawyers here at RiderzLaw see incidents occurring that are instigated by other traffic, enough so that solo accidents can be both surprising and discomforting. We wish the family of this victim our condonlences during this time, and hope our fellow riders stay safe out on the motorways.