January 5, 2014

A young rider was killed last weekend when, from injuries sustained while riding in Ocotillo Wells.

The rider has been identified as 17-year-old Alex Chisholm. Reports say the young rider lost control of his dirtbike while going around 25 mph. He hit a small sand dune which caused him to go over the handlebars. Whilst being ejected Chisholm's abdomen contacted the handlebars, which may be related to the cause of death.

Reports from the Daily Pilot state that no one witnessed the crash.

It is also reported that the crash "totaled" the dirtbike and left Chisholm on the ground waiting for someone to find him. When this happened he complained of abdomen pain and was airlifted to Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs.

Despite the best efforts by doctors, Chisholm was reported dead at 11:02 pm, according to a statement released by the Riverside County coroner's office. No cause of death has been cited.

Having grown up racing and riding in the deserts, I'm no stranger to off-road crashes. Three years ago I nearly lost a brother to a motorcycle accident, and a few years before that my grandfather to a pre-race testing accident. One of the worst feelings is hearing that a loved one has been in a crash that necessitated emergency air response, and although both of my family members survived, the memory of those times will never be forgotten.

Riding motorcycles is inherently dangerous, and the danger level goes up when riding over dirt, rocks, jumps and whoops. If you ride a motorcycle, proper safety gear is important. If you ride a dirtbike, it's a necessity. With that said no amount of safety gear will save every rider from every situation, so the best we can do is realize the danger and only ride within our comfort zone. The Riverside motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw offer our deepest condolences to those affected by this tragedy, and urge our readers to stay safe while riding out – whether you're on the dirt or the tarmac.