Westminster Thanksgiving fatal motorcycle crash

November 30, 2014

A man was killed Wednesday in a motorcycle crash in Westminster.

Police Sergeant Michael Chapman said that the incident occurred just before 5:30 pm near the intersection of McFadden Avenue and Gothard Street.

Initial speculation by investigators is that a compact car was traveling eastbound on McFadden Avenue. Around Vassar Street, the driver seems to have made a left turn in front of the motorcycle, who was unable to avoid collision.

The rider, who was not immediately identified, was pronounced dead on-scene.

As of Wednesday night, no charges had been filed against the driver of the car.

These types of crashes have and will continue to be one of the greatest contributors to motorcycle injuries and deaths. Drivers are all too often oblivious to our presence or speed down the road, and for this reason make poor decisions that endanger others on the road. Unfortunately for us, it is the lives of us motorcyclists at risk in these accidents of negligence.

Our thoughts are with the downed rider, a man who was clearly taken before his time. The Orange County motorcycle lawyers here at RirderzLaw offer our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the victim. Please riders we beg you to stay safe and ride carefully out on the roadways.