February 4, 2014

While conducting a search for a party suspected of grand theft auto, a motorcycle officer was injured in a collision with a patrol car.

According to Santa Ana police Corporal Anthony Bertagna, the incident occurred at the 1200 block of South Van Ness Avenue in Santa Ana.

Just before 3:00 pm officers with the Orange County Sheriff's Department were responding to a hit from a stolen vehicle system in the area.

Reports say that a helicopter followed the suspects overhead when, on nearby Parton Street, they attempted to flee officers on-foot. Subsequently, both vehicles involved were reporting to assist the search at the time of the crash.

Eventually, the suspects were apprehended and are now in custody.

All aspects of the crash are currently under investigation and the officer is described as having moderate injuries, and not life-threatening.

Given the number of hours motorcycle police officers spend riding and conducting attention -demanding business, it's impressive that there are not more instances of crashes involving them. This was simply a case of two drivers putting more attention into their newest task-at-hand rather than into doing it safely. It reminds us that we should never let non-life-threatening issues cause us to lose focus on riding properly and attentively. The Orange County motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish a speedy recovery to the downed officer, and urge our readers to stay safe and alert out there.