Passenger Air Lifted to Hospital in Aliso Creek Motorcycle Crash

February 22, 2014

A rider and his passenger were both injured following a motorcycle crash which occurred on the I-5 near Aliso Creek in southern Orange County.

The accident took place while the 36-year-old rider was lane-splitting through the HOV lane. The California Highway Patrol reports that while splitting lanes the motorcycle clipped the back of a Toyota Tundra, sending both the rider and his 30-year-old female passenger off the bike.

Officer Jim Bettencourt of the CHP says both sustained major injuries, which were of a magnitude which required an air ambulance to land on the freeway and transport the passenger to the hospital. The rider meanwhile was transported by ground.

No other injuries were reported.

No rider wants to be responsible for injuring their passenger. When riding solo we need to be responsible, but when riding two-up it’s even more critical that we practice cautious tactics. Lane-splitting should be done only at safe speeds when there is plenty of room. In a rush? It can wait. We have all had close-calls caused by inattentive drivers changing lanes without seeing us in their mirror. These scenarios make us re-evaluate the way we’re handling our bike. Unfortunately for this couple it wasn’t a close-call. Don’t let what happened in this case happen to you.

Still not convinced? Imagine yourself opening your eyes after hitting the pavement hard. You’re disoriented, surrounded by idling cars. Bystanders are circling around you, asking if you’re okay, telling you to stay down and that help is on the way. You’re hurt badly, but nothing hurts as bad as when you realize that your passenger – your wife, girlfriend, daughter or friend is experiencing the same or worse pain as you. You see them up ahead of you on the pavement, and they’re not moving. It all could have been avoided. A little slower, a little more patience, a little more space. But what could have been different is now irrelevant, and things will never be the same. Maybe it wasn’t your fault; maybe a car changed lanes without a signal; maybe. But what difference does it make?

The Orange County motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish a speedy recovery to both the rider and passenger of this incident. And we beg our readers to please ride safely, if not for yourself then for those that you affect.