A Yamaha R6 rider was killed in Santa Ana on Thursday.

The rider is identified as 19-year-old Francisco Rincon of Fountain Valley.

According to Santa Ana police and the coroner's office while headed west on First Street, a Ford F-150 made a U-turn at Olive Street around 10:30 am. Rincon was unable to avoid a collision.

The driver of the pickup truck was not cited immediately. Further action is pending the outcome of an investigation into the accident.

Unfortunately for riders, it happens that cagers often make low-visibility decisions with little second thought, giving us rider minimal time to react and evade their path. The only solution to this issue would be to reduce speed in traffic, providing additional time to respond to cagers. The Orange County motorcycle accident lawyers here at RiderzLaw offer our deepest condolences to those affected by this tragedy. Please stay safe out there riders.