March 14, 2014

There was a collision Tuesday morning between a Ford pickup truck and a motorcycle.

The accident took place around 7:30 am at the 405 and 22 freeways, though it is unclear which one in particular was the site. According to reports, the motorcycle came to rest in the carpool lane, suggesting that the impact took place in or near the HOV lane.

Though details are vague, there has been no indication of any injuries, and no identifying information has been released.

While going through the paces of our daily commute, we need to always be aware of the fact that others on the road are often doing the same. We all have had those moments where we drift off into auto-pilot, and it's during these states of semi-consiousness that there is a real potential to do damage. You can bet that if the a driver is only partially focused on the road ahead of them, they're hardly focused at all on what's behind and to the side. The Orange County motorcycle accident lawyers wish the best for the rider in this accident, and urge all our readers to ride safely out on the roadways.