An Orange County motorcyclist was involved in an accident on the 5 freeway in San Clemente yesterday. While details are yet to be released by the CHP, the motorcyclist is known to have survived the incident with injuries that warranted transport to the hospital.

"It is unknown how many vehicles were involved," said Officer Denise Quesada. "It looks like the motorcyclist is possibly injured and will more than likely be transported (to a hospital)."

According to officials the incident occurred near the Avenida Vista Hermosa exit. Following the collision, the motorcycle reportedly became engulfed in flames. No additional injuries were reported.

No one wants to be involved in a motorcycle accident but when they do occur, it's good to hear that the rider did not sustain critical injuries. In this case, losing his bike is a small price to pay. As motorcycle accident lawyers we understand how serious these accidents can be, especially when the occur on a highway. Our sympathies are with the rider and his road to recovery, as well as in the forthcoming litigation surrounding it.