Interview with Sabrina Hartmann (Part Two)

By Tayla Adams


Thanks much for tuning back into my interview with Sabrina. In this section we’ll get into her experience taking the safety course in California.

T: What was the most important thing you learned from the riding class?

S: That you’ve got to pay attention. You’ve really got to be alert, especially since previously I’ve only been in the mountains, just on the dirt. The worst thing that could happen is something like a rock, but here in the safety course we were going around in a circle. Sometimes you would get too close to other bikes or be too far away. It was a little difficult to be aware of what you were doing and what other people were doing. So, that was the most important part.

T: When you translated what you learned in the course to the road were you happy you took the course?

S: Yes. It was good because I didn’t really know a lot of the road rules. Even if I rode in Bolivia I’m sure the laws are different here in California. Even California to the rest of the US. So, I was very glad I did it. It was also like a ‘hey you don’t have to just jump off the cliff. You’re going to jump, but don’t worry we’ll help you through it.’ It definitely gave me more confidence. A lot of the regulations, I would’ve never remembered even if I took the test at the DMV.

T: Were you the only girl at your safety course?

S: Surprisingly not. I was very proud of us. I was the only girl in the riding portion, but in the mornings there were two groups put together. Most of us were women, there were like eight of us. And most of them said they were there because they wanted to get off the backseat. They want to actually ride, and not be in the back hugging their boyfriend. I was like wow, that’s a nice reason to start riding. I was surprised.

T: Did you keep in touch with any of the ladies?

S: One of them. Her boyfriend works at a Harley store. She was like “we can go check out bikes, because I don’t have any girlfriends who ride motorcycles,” and I was like “yeah let’s be friends!”

I for one am glad to hear there were a number of women in attendance during Sabrina’s safety course. My hope is I’ll meet more female riders and have an opportunity to learn about their experiences as well.

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Stay safe in these streets!

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