Interview with Sabrina Hartmann (Part One)

By Tayla Adams


Hello everyone and welcome to my sit down interview with Sabrina Hartmann. I cannot express how excited I am to finally be presenting an interview with a female rider. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve said in the past how I wish I knew other female riders, and now I do. After about six years of riding, I can say I’m friends with one.

So, without further ado, please get to know Sabrina.

T: Tell us a little bit about your background. How’d you get started riding motorcycles?

S: Well, I actually have a lot of male cousins and where I live it’s surrounded by mountains and dirt. And since I have a lot of cousins that would ride the four wheelers and motorcycles, I was always interested in them. I thought they looked so cool, and I kind of just jumped into them because I hung out with my cousins a lot. So, they were like “let’s teach you, so you can join us and we don’t have to babysit you.”

I don’t know I might have been like ten or twelve when I started learning. On the weekends, summer vacation, holidays, I would always go with my cousins and ride.

T: Wow. So you were riding full bikes when you were like ten or twelve years old?

S: (Laughs) The tiny bikes that reach your knees.

T: Oh. So when did you first ride a full sized bike?

S: Probably in 2013. The last year of middle school for me. It was my cousin’s friend’s bike. I was just like can I please try it, I ride with my cousins. He was like okay, but not sure about it.

T: And you did well?

S: Yeah, I didn’t fall. I guess it was muscle memory.

T: You grew up in Bolivia?

S: Yes.

T: You first started in the mountains?

S: Yes.

T: So, when you moved to LA, what made you want to get a motorcycle?

S: The first thing was I needed a form of transportation and I hadn’t ridden a bike in like a year and a half. I kind of just felt like going back to it. Since I never rode an actual road bike, I wanted to try that. And yes, I took the safety course you have to take if you’re under twenty-one. It was two days, Saturday and Sunday.

I was like, “you know what? I actually want this.” So, yeah it’s better than having a car here in LA. You avoid the traffic, it’s good.

I hope you all enjoyed part one of my interview with Sabrina. Trust me we are only getting started, very interesting young woman. With that in mind, make sure to check back for the next installment.

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Stay safe in these streets!

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