Interview with Dominic Henderson: A New Rider’s Perspective

By Tayla Adams

Hello everyone, and thanks for checking out this interview. I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with a relatively new rider, and discussing his experience as a rider in the greater Los Angeles area. So join me, and get to know Dominic Henderson.

T: How long have you been riding?

D: I’ve been riding since March of 2017.

T: Okay, great. You’re coming up on your first full year. What bike are you riding?

D: I’m riding a Ninja 300.

T: How are you finding that bike? I had a Ninja 250 when I started.

D: It’s good, even though I sometimes could use more power, I love it. I’m getting used to the whole gist of riding and the skills needed.

T: You say you could use more power. In what instances do you feel you need more power?

D: On the freeway passing cars. Other than that I still need to learn the canyons. So, I don’t need too much power just yet, but on the freeway it would be helpful.


T: What part of LA do you mostly commute in?

D: I’ve been all over LA. Yesterday, I drove out to Compton for a hair cut.

T: Compton for a hair cut? Where do you live?

D: Northridge.

T: You drive all the way to Compton for a haircut?

D: Yeah, I don’t get a hair cut out here. I tried it my first couple years of college and I just couldn’t transition to another barber. I gotta stick to the grain. So, every two weeks I drive out. But it depends if I have time to go get a cut since I’m in school and I work every day.

Thanks so much for diving into this interview with Dominic, there’s plenty more to come.

Stay safe in these streets!

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