Dominic Henderson Interview (Part 5)

By Tayla Adams

Let’s jump back into my interview with Dominic. We’ll get into his wish list for future bikes and his future rides plans.


T: Do you have an idea of what bike you want to buy next?

D: I do, but I’m not positive. My top is the Ninja ZX 6R. I could go to the 10R, but that’s too much. Or maybe a Yamaha R6. I still have to do research. I love Kawasaki. I love the look.

T: What kind of gear are you rocking?

D: It’s all ugly to me, but I’m safe. I have this Alpinestar jacket, which is good.

T: Leather?

D: Yeah, it’s leather.

T: Do you have any future rides planned?

D: I know for sure I want to do some far rides, like Vegas, but it’s not too comfortable on my bike. Probably just with my friends or with some guys I feel comfortable with. I don’t want it to be awkward, so I need to figure out who I want to go on a ride with.

T: Have you been to any bike shows?

D: No, not yet. But once I have the time I’m going to be going to clubs, meets, and bike nights. I just need time to do that type of stuff.

T: Moving forward do you think you’re going to stick with your bike or depend more on your car?

D: I drive my car, don’t get me wrong. I try not to drive it too often, but definitely I’m going to be riding my bike more than driving my car.

T: Where are you more comfortable now? Your bike or your car?

D: Well, I’m always comfortable in the car because I’m surrounded by so much protection. I feel like I want to get as comfortable with my bike. I want to be able to ride in the rain, even though I don’t like to ride wet. I don’t think anyone likes to ride in the rain.

T: So is your bike normally safe? No one messes with it when it’s parked?

D: No, when I park it I leave it on the street. A guy in my apartment complex told me to be careful though. He had an R6 and it got stolen inside of the gated parking garage. That made me more cautious and scared. I am worried that my bike is outside.

T: What kind of security precautions are you taking? Do you have a lock on it?

D: No. I don’t have anything. I just have the wheel lock on, and I don’t do that most of the time. Other than that I don’t do anything to secure my bike unfortunately.

T: It’s never too late to change that. Never. Until it’s stolen I guess.

D: (Laughs) Yeah, I agree.

T: Do you ever feel sore riding or afterwards?

D: Yes, my leg gets sore. I went to Compton to get my hair cut. I just kept stretching because my knee was sore. I’m not old, but I guess I need to do more stretches to make sure my body stays in shape so I can ride.

T: So, your New Year’s goal was to get on the moto track? Is that all?

D: No. I’d say to get an exhaust or some frame sliders. Those are my motorcycle goals of 2018.

I’d like to give a special thanks to Dominic for sitting down with me and sharing his riding experiences. It was a lot of fun and we had some good laughs as well. I hope everyone who read along enjoyed this interview as much as me, and I wish this young man the best riding forward.

Stay safe in these streets!


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