A New Rider’s Perspective Part 2

By Tayla Adams

Hey everyone, thanks so much for tuning back in for the next part of my sit down with Dominic. In this section you’ll find out more about his lifestyle and riding with friends.

T: You’re a college student and you drive all around LA. So, you’re a commuter rider?

D: Yeah, I’m a commuter rider. I ride to work every day. Even though I have a car, I just love my motorcycle. I’m not thinking about selling my car for a better bike, I mean it’s crossed my mind. But not just yet because the only obstacle is how am I going to wash my clothes?

T: How are you going to wash your clothes?

D: I don’t like using the wash place in my apartment, but if I figure out some way to get all my clothes on my back (laughs), I would sell my car.

T: Wow. That’s hardcore.

D: I don’t want to sell it yet. I’m like the only one out of my homies who has a bike.

T: So, you don’t ride with any other bikers yet?

D: I do actually. That’s who I go in the canyons with, but it’s none of my homies that I hang out with on a regular basis. Just people I met in the valley, riding around.

T: You just met people while riding around?

D: I met them through people, or people I work with. Kind of went from there. Just riding through the canyons.

T: Making friends on a motorcycle is just so much easier, isn’t it?

D: Yeah, kind of. Because everyone just kind of says ‘what’s up’. You don’t even know them, but you’re just riding and say ‘hi’. It’s easy to have a conversation with other rides. It’s pretty awesome.

T: It’s like kindergarden. You go up to a kid and say I have a blue truck, and they’ll be like me too. Next thing you know you’ve got a new friend.

D: Yeah, kind of.

Hope you all enjoyed this part of my interview with Dom. If you see him driving around the valley make sure to say ‘what’s up’.

Stay safe in these streets!

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