Temecula Rider Killed in Fallbrook

FALLBROOK:  The Fallbrook motorcycle accident lawyers at Riderz Law are sorry to report a motorcycle accident that happened last week in the Fallbrook area.  According to California Highway patrol, a motorcycle travelling on Interstate 15 in Pala Mesa, on the West Lilac Road overpass, was struck by a Toyota Camry who changed lanes into the Harley-Davidson rider.  The motorcyclist, a 50-year-old Temecula man, was fatally injured.  Further details regarding the accident are not yet available.  Our thoughts and prayers are with this rider and his family.

As motorcycle accident attorneys, we see accidents like this all too often.  Drivers fail to notice motorcyclists on the highway and make sudden moves without properly checking to see if anyone is there.  Sadly, even the most careful riders cannot always avoid accidents like this.  Motorcyclists can reduce the risk of such accidents, however, by taking a good motorcycle safety course, wearing bright and/or reflective clothing and equipment, and riding defensively.

As always, the Fallbrook motorcycle accident attorneys at Riderz Law implore you to ride smart and ride safe.

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