Top Reasons to Ride in LA

If you know me there’s a good chance I’ve encouraged you to purchase a motorcycle at some point. This is especially true if you live in Los Angeles county, even more so if you live in the city of Los Angeles. Below are my selling points for having a motorcycle in the city.


Yes, I capitalized ‘traffic’, it had to be done. I’m from back east and I’ve never experienced traffic anywhere else as jammed packed as Los Angeles traffic. I’ve literally watched highways stuck in a slow crawl for hours at a time. How people make it to work on time, I’ll never understand.

I truly believe road rage was born in the city of Los Angeles, and I more than understand why that is now. However, with a motorcycle you don’t suffer nearly as much as the average car commuter. Splitting lanes is a lifesaver and will often get you to your destination so much faster than if you actually had to wait in the line of crawling cars.

2.) Parking

I’d say parking is the second gripe most people have with commuting in Los Angeles. The parking signs alone can cause a headache instantaneously on a bad day. It’s almost as if you need a deciphering manual to even park some times. If that wasn’t enough, parking lots over charge you tremendously because they can.

With a motorcycle, parking is a lot less stressful. Bikes don’t require nearly as much space as cars, and a lot of times you can share a space at the meter. Just make sure you contribute something to the meter in order to share. Heck, even if you’re in a packed lot, it’s easy to find a spot inside a weird triangle and park without problems.

3.) Endorphins

Yes, that’s right, do it for the endorphins! Riding my motorcycle makes me incredibly happy every single day. Literally, there hasn’t been a moment in my life in which I’ve been bummed out to be on my bike. I always feel better after a ride, even when I’ve arrived at work. Those happy chemicals going off in my body are powerful, and allow me to have a positive attitude more often than not.

4.) Cost Effective

What could possibly make you happier than saving money? I currently fill up on about $8 every 4-6 days. Let me tell you, it’s awesome. It also makes you less apprehensive about going places. When I relied solely on a car I was always concerned about wasting gas. This thought rarely, if ever, crosses my mind now.


Insurance is also often cheaper for motorcycles. As are most mechanical repairs. Also, some garages and parking lots don’t charge motorcycles to park in their space, or if they do the prices tend to be heavily discounted.

All in all, these four key factors should make anyone incredibly happy to own a motorcycle. It’s definitely a lifesaver in Los Angeles. If you’re on the fence about purchasing a bike, or if you have a friend on the fence please pass this blog along. Summer’s almost here, and now is the time to seize the opportunity to ride a motorcycle in Los Angeles.

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