Riding Clubs!

“The meeting will now come to order.”

“The secretary will now read the minutes of the last meeting.”

“Any old business? Any new business?”

After the new business is discussed, there are usually snacks and a raffle. By the time the meeting is over, you’ve spent two hours listening to people argue whether they should hold their annual event at Morley Field or Presidio Park. And they will go on!

This is a scenario familiar to anyone who has ever joined a club. It could be a small truck camping club, a hang gliding club, a youth group, motorcycles, parrot fanciers. At the core, all these clubs are pretty much the same, and have been since Robert wrote his Rules of Order.

This type of club can be extremely useful. National clubs with local chapters have a huge voice, and speak up on concerns dealing with the motorcycling community as a whole.


ABATE has a lobbyist, and recently achieved the legalization of lane-splitting in California. Now, they’re working on ending the law enforcement harassment known as ‘profiling.’

These types of clubs are great, and bring all motorcyclists a bigger voice. But, what about people who just want to ride?

I signed up a while ago to Meetup.com. There are a LOT of riding groups listed!

Vintage bike ride? Check.

Euro bike ride? Check.

Gay bikers? Check.

Christian riding clubs? Check.

BMW ride? Indian? Harley? Check, check, check! Every weekend offers new riding opportunities, some with special destinations, like the desert wildflower explosion this year.

There are always several rides/events to choose from. Well, maybe not today, because right this moment it is raining like stink here. Opportunities abound on most weekends.

This is not to say you should dump your AMA or ABATE membership; we need voices defending our rights as riders. But if you’d rather spend two hours riding instead of sitting in a room listening to various factions argue, join Meet Up and start riding. It beats sitting around when you lack riding buddies!

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