Distracted Riding?

Distractions are inevitable in all aspects of your life. The best you can ever attempt to do is manage them. One of the main reasons I enjoying riding my motorcycle is because it forces me to focus on just one thing; operating my machine. However, over the past year I’ve noticed more and more gadgets being used on the road to pull motorcyclist’s attention away from the ride.

The biggest distraction I’m noticing is the improvement in accessories for cell phones. There is currently a case with a magnet which allows you to place the phone on your gas tank and it holds the phone while you ride your motorcycle. Pretty cool for GPS usage, and allows you to see the map while you ride. This accessory also frees riders up to check and respond to text messages which is a high form of distraction in my opinion.

This of course is only one example of a distraction for motorcyclists. It seems like more and more distractions are hitting the market for motorcyclists every day. Many people want to have the best new items as soon as they come out, and before they truly consider the negatives of these products they’re already on the road using them.

For the most part I do my best to ride with limited interruptions.


I truly believe most motorcyclists are alert and attentive drivers. We’re also really adept at defensive driving. So, my concern about the increase in distractive devices has to do with the use while riding among cars. Every rider has experienced a car operator do a multitude of activities other than focusing on driving.

There’s already a great risk we take as motorcyclists sharing the road with cars, and we have to over compensate for the distractions they allow in vehicles. It just seems to me that if motorcyclists become as disengaged on the road as those in cars, the level of danger increases exponentially.

I’d like to encourage all riders going into this spring and summer season to make their safety their number one priority, and limit the distractions while on the road. Because I fully believe no one else is going to protect you on the road like you will. So, put yourself first and stay alert.

As always, stay safe in these streets!

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