Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park – Ride Review

Over the weekend I rode out to Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park for a job. I was pleasantly surprised to discover this ride was a lot of fun. It also wasn’t too far away from the city which was a bonus as well considering I didn’t want to be too tired before I arrived at my destination. This ride offers convenience, views, well paved roads, and a fun end game.

When I looked up the directions for this ride on my phone it initially told me it’d take me about 55 minutes to an hour to reach the park. I knew I’d get there faster because I was on my motorcycle so I wasn’t too concerned. The route I took was US 101 S, to 170 N, to Interstate 5, to CA-14, then Agua Dulce Canyon Road. This was an extremely simple and straight forward journey which only took me about forty minutes. I probably would’ve gotten there faster if I hadn’t gotten off the freeway to return a call.

The best part of this ride for me was the picturesque views it provided. While riding interstate 5 into the valley it was absolutely gorgeous. Rolling green hills and a beautiful skyline pretty much get me every time, and that’s exactly what this ride delivered. Traffic was also extremely kind to me as there were no delays, but that could’ve been because it was a Saturday afternoon, not sure.

Once I turned off the interstate and rode Agua Dulce Canyon Rd, it was so calm. A two lane road led all the way up to the park. Along the way there are some farms, and a few houses off the beaten path, but a very calm neighborhood.

It was extremely cold at the park this past weekend. At one point while I was out there the temperature dipped into the forties. It was honestly quite painful as it was also windy. Despite some discomfort, I still enjoyed the beautiful rocks, and even hiked up one of the larger rock formations. Due to the recent heavy rains, the surroundings were extremely green and offered breathtaking sights.

This is definitely a great ride to take when you’re pressed for time and want to sneak in a trip. This is a perfect time saver ride. A few frequent hikers told me that in the summers it gets pretty packed at the park and now is a great time to take advantage of the park’s off season.

Stay safe in these streets!


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