Solstice Canyon Ride Review

Over the weekend I took up a ride up to Solstice Canyon. I’d looked up this hiking location early in the week, and it seemed pretty cool. An added bonus was the history behind this particular hiking destination.

According to the weather report that morning it was supposed to be 75 degrees out. Sure enough, when I left mid-city it was pretty warm outside. In order to get out of mid- city I hopped on the I-10 west at about 11am. Traffic was relatively light considering the early time of day.

I’ve found that when it comes to heading towards the ocean it’s best to arrive early and depart early as well. Once I got onto the Pacific Coast Highway, I hit some traffic. It was heavier than I originally thought. It wasn’t too big a deal though, I simply split the lanes.

Surprisingly, there was a lot of fog down by the ocean. You literally couldn’t see the ocean from the PCH, and it was at least ten degrees colder if not more so than mid-city. I was also a little cold I must confess. Luckily, I’d packed a hoodie in my backpack so I wasn’t too nervous about freezing on the hike.

I rode the PCH all the way to Malibu and turned right once I reached Corral Canyon Rd. Parking at this canyon wasn’t too bad as there are two parking lots available. However, they fill up quickly, but there is some street parking just outside the park. Bikers shouldn’t have much of a problem at all as there were all kinds of nooks and crannies available in each parking area.

I was happy to discover other motorcycles in the parking lots, and to know that this destination spot is somewhat popular among the riding community.

Unfortunately, the fog hadn’t moved at all on my ride and the overcast was strong. About five minutes into the hike though it turned out I didn’t need my hoodie at all because it was warm enough once you started to move around a bit.

This hike had a few highlights that I have to mention. One, there’s a burned down house in the woods that’s quite cool. A plaque in front of the house explains how the mini mansion came to be, and how it ultimately burned down.

Alongside this house, there’s a waterfall that empties into a creek which flows for a few miles though the woods. The small pond closest to the waterfall had small stone landings where people sat and ate lunch. Another positive was once I hiked up to the top of the mountain, the fog cleared and it was clear skies.


All in all this proved to be a very fun, challenging, and peaceful day. Any excuse I have to jump on the PCH is good enough for me to make the journey. I highly recommend this hike, and this leisurely ride.

Stay safe in these streets!

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