May 5, 2014

An accident on the 5-freeway just north of Western Avenue has left a 26-year-old rider dead.

The man, who has been identified as Ryan Daniel Dylewsky of Lancaster by the Los Angeles Coroner's office, was riding a 2011 Suzuki of an unknown size just before 10:00 pm Saturday. Details describe Dylewsky riding southbound on the I-5 at approximately 80 miles per hour with a 38-year-old female rider on a 2004 Yamaha riding just behind him. There was a 2000 Nissan ahead of Dylewsky traveling around 65 miles per hour, and a 2004 Saturn behind him.

Reports say that Dylewsky hit the left rear of the Nissan, ejecting him from his bike. The female rider then collided with the Suzuki, causing ejection from her bike as well. It's believed that Dylewski was then struck by the Nissan, killing him, before being run over again by the Saturn. The driver of the Nissan then fled the scene, but was later arrested on suspicion of leaving the scene of an accident.

The rider of the Yamaha, another Lancaster resident, is said to have sustained moderate injuries. Officials say that neither the driver of the Nissan nor the driverof the Saturn sustained any injuries.

Reports also indicate that safety equipment was being used by all involved.

Stories like these are hard to read for any rider. They cut to the core of what it is to be out on the freeways amongst heavier and less vulnerable traffic. The cause of this collision is neither understood by us nor addressed in the first place. It isn't particularly common for a rider to blindly drive through the back of a car, however it is quite common for vehicles to make abrupt and unpredictable lane changes, oblivious to approaching riders behind them. Not to accuse any driver in this accident of such a thing, however it certainly sounds like a real possibility given historical data.

The Los Angeles motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish our deepest condolences to the family and friends affected by this tragedy, and additionally hope for a speedy recovery to the female rider involved in the accident. We beg all of you riders to stay safe out on the roadways. And drivers, please keep an eye out for us.