An accident occurred on the westbound side of the I-10 on Monday morning at approximately 7:00 AM. Among the vehicles involved was a motorcycle.

On scene the LA County Fire Department administered medical assistance to those those requiring it. Among those being treated was a motorcycle rider who was knocked off his bike in the ordeal. Responders would later right the bike and push it into the emergency lane.

The incident would leave the I-10 westbound with but one lane open, backing traffic up for miles.

No further reports on the condition of those injured have been released, and it was not noted if anyone required transportation to emergency care.

Stories like these remind us that no matter how checked up we think we are on the road, us riders are extremely vulnerable to those around us. As Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers we understand that motorcyclists can easily fall victim to their circumstances, such as in this case when a rider was knocked off his bike due to a nearby collision. We hope sincerely the rider is okay following the incident, and that the he is back up in the saddle soon enough.