December 5, 2014

A rider was killed while riding back in Angeles National Forest earlier this week.

Police reports indicate that the rider, who has been identified as 47-year-old Kirk Lane of Palmdale, was 'racing' at the time of the accident, which occurred near Mt. Emma Road.

Mr. Lane was on his 2007 Kawasaki ZX10 when, as California Highway Patrol Officer A. Hernandez reports, two motorcycles passed him on the left.

Lane went on to pass another motorcycle rider on the right before losing control onto the shoulder of road. He then hit a dirt berm that sent him over the side and into a ravine.

Authorities report that immediately thereafter Mr. Lane went into full cardiac arrest and died.

This is the story of a humble ride gone very wrong. When we set out for a day of riding, we rarely have the intention of winding out the throttle beyond reasonable or controllable speeds. Unfortunately we sometimes get ourselves in over our heads while doing what we love, and this is the result. No one saw it coming, no one wanted it to happen, but if we don't figure out a way to keep ourselves in check, tragedies like this can do it for us. Our thoughts go out to the fallen rider, and the Los Angeles motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw offer our deepest condolences to the family and friends that are affected by this tragedy. We beg you to please be safe on the roads riders.