February 12, 2014

A crash between a motorcycle and two other vehicles yesterday sent a rider to the hospital in unknown condition.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Central Avenue and 120th Street in South LA around 10:30 pm. Reports from the accident say the rider was ejected from his motorcycle following the initial collision with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's cruiser, while the bike continued down the road, colliding into a second vehicle.

Emergency crews transported the rider to a local hospital, though his condition was undisclosed. Other than the rider, no additional injuries were reported.

The crash is currently under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department.

Anytime you rear-end another vehicle on the road, you'll find yourself at legal fault. We can't know from the provided details what the reason was the rider rear-ended the police vehicle, but there is a strong chance that the rider was caught being distracted on the road. It happens to all of us, fortunately though it seldom ends in a crash. There is little reason to keep short distances between you and the vehicle ahead. Give yourself time to react by increasing the gap, and you'll find that near misses become a thing of the past. The Los Angeles motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish a speedy recovery to the rider, and urge all our readers to be safe and aware out on the roadways.