LAPD officer injured in Los Angeles motorcycle crash

Photo courtesy of NBC Los Angeles

December 18, 2013

A Los Angeles motorcycle police officer has been injured in a collision with a pickup truck.

The accident occurred just before 6:30 am this morning near the intersections of La Brea Avenue and Washington Boulevard. Apparently the white pickup truck was pulling out of a driveway when the motorcycle struck the left side of the bed. The collision ejected the officer from his bike who landed in the street. He suffered a broken wrist and other minor injuries.

He was rushed to the hospital and is in stable condition.

Though the investigation is on-going, the driver of the truck has already been issued a ticket for driving without a license. It is unclear if this means the driver does not have a valid driving license, or if he simply did not have it on him at the time of the crash, which is also a citable offense.

It goes without saying that the dangers to motorcycle cops run deeper than the hazards common to all police officers. In addition to dealing with armed criminals, motorcycle officers are put into danger by the drivers around them who don't necessarily have any malicious intent, but nonetheless endanger their lives with apathy and carelessness. Of course this doesn't apply only to police officers. All riders face these same risks daily from other drivers on the road, and our best defense is to ride completely aware during our daily commutes and activities. The Los Angeles motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw wish the downed officer a speedy recovery and ask all our readers to stay safe out on the roads.