An LAPD officer was injured after falling off his motorcycle in Elysian Park. Following the incident he sent out an officer needs help call which was responded to by authorities in the area.

On scene, officers found the victim on the roadway. The officer was conscious and breathing, and according to reports he refused to be transported to the hospital.

Though some may see police officers as a nuisance to the biker community, let's not forget that they are our brothers just as much as other riders. We may be motorcycle accident lawyers, but we are–first and foremost–motorcyclists ourselves, and we hate to see any rider go down. Fortunately, it appears that the LAPD officer is okay. His refusal to be transported to the hospital means his ego was probably more affected by the incident than his body. Good luck at the precinct after this one!

We remind all of our readers (including the boys in blue) to ride safely and responsibly.