Earlier in the month, a motorcyclist wanted for suspicion of reckless driving charges took police officers on a chase across two counties that finally ended in him dropping his bike onto a dirt road under construction.

The bizarre chase was riddled with provocation from the rider, including him flipping off police officers, punching car mirrors as he rode by, standing on his bike and making what appeared to be gestures egging the pursuant officers on.

Click here to watch the YouTube video of the chase (Opens in new window)

Of course, as Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers we always are there to look out for our fellow riders, but this is an example of someone out of control, and a danger to themselves, drivers around them and the motorcycle community at large. It's people like this that give the rest of of motorcyclists a bad name, and lead to heightened scrutiny against bikers. Indeed, reports have come in that due to the audacious nature of this incident, LAPD officers are on a heightened alert against bikers. Please make sure to ride safely and responsibly. With any luck, this recklesss and irrresonsible rider will never get on a motorcycle again.