February 5, 2015

A crash took place last Friday in Glendora which caused a motorcycle rider to be rushed to the hospital with injuries.

According to the Califorinia Highway Patrol, the incident occurred on the 210 freeway in Glendora.

Just before 3:00 pm, the motorcycle collided with the rear of a passenger vehicle around the I-57 interchange.

The LA County Fire Department reports that the rider was airlifted by helicopter to a nearby trauma center.

CHP officials said that the roadway was cleared of the accident before 3:30 pm.

As a rider it's an easy trap to fall into, believing that other drivers on the road will be deliberate and predictable with their actions. The unfortunate truth is that often vehicles do not give warning (or even have discernible reason) for swerving, slamming on their brakes or both.

Many riders will swear by lane-splitting for this reason. The theory is that by working your way through traffic rather than pacing it, one is able to avoid just these types of collisions.

The Los Angeles motorcycle lawyers here at RiderzLaw sincerely hope for a speedy recovery on the part of the downed rider.

We beg you readers to please, look out for yourselves on the roads. Because all too often, drivers will not.